R-shox is property of  Extrem4x4 Baron, Siuta Sp.J.  and  Rem-Form  Piotr & Łukasz Chełmecki.

R-shox is a connection of a long off-road experience with advanced and precise CNC technology.
Our goal is to create brand with highest standard of make, always associated with quality and sports technology. In our offer you may find articles dedicated to OEM off-road vehicles but also professional  off-road vehicles - NON-COIL and COILOVER series for custom made racing vehicles.

We constantly work on introducing new technologies and improving existing ones.
R-shox  absorbers have been tested in extreme conditions during off-road rallies and multiple expeditions. For special orders we can build absorbers with unusual dimensions and shapes.

In our offer you may also find many kinds of generic coil springs for COILOVER absorbers, which are a cheaper alternative to brand 2.5" springs..

Main advantages of R-shox absorbers are:

- Whole construction is based on metric system which makes them easy to maintain allowing fast access to spare parts and service.
- They are manufactured in Poland - quick access to spare parts
- Unification technology. Most parts will fit older models and vice versa, which will make future tunings much easier.
- Seals and other mechanical parts are highest German and Japanese which guarantees high durability and reliability in extreme conditions.
- We base our designs on  68/60mm in diameter cylinder pipes which are the same size as the  2,7" American type, thanks to this system our absorbers show 10% better properties ( better damp filtering and heat resistance)   than those 2,5".
- We use the most durable alloy for most parts and reinforced processed steel with polished runners to lower friction and extend  durability.
- Possibility of installation of custom made external damp adjustment system, two separate adjustment systems - compression and rebound.
- Adaptation of system to work with most popular coil springs 2,5" ( Eibach, King, etc - and their generic type- R-shox Spring)
- Unique colors and design.